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As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, Mountain View Family HealthCare offers an innovative alternative payment model for primary care being embraced by patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the United States. The defining element of DPC is a committed and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider.

Empowering this relationship is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience. DPC fosters this relationship in the following ways:

1. Service: The hallmark of DPC is adequate time spent between patient and physician. At Mountain View Family HealthCare we offer unhurried interactions to assess lifestyle choices and treatment decisions aimed at long term health and well-being.
2. Flat Monthly Fee: A simple flat monthly fee that covers comprehensive primary care services must be adequate so that DPC providers can eliminate the numerous other financial drivers that distort care decisions and endanger the doctor-patient relationship. At Mountain View Family HealthCare, our charge is $60.00 per month for adults.
3. Advocacy: DPC providers are committed advocates for patients within the increasingly complex healthcare system. They have more time to make informed, thoughtful referrals and support patient needs when they are outside of the primary care setting.
4. Stewardship: DPC providers believe that health care should provide more value to the patient and the system. Health care can, and must, be higher-performing, more patient-responsive, less invasive, and less expensive than it is today. The ultimate goal is health and well-being, not simply the treatment of disease.

I seek to provide clinically excellent, evidence-based, patient-oriented, highly personalized healthcare while enlisting my patients as true partners in achieving wellness. In this collaborative healthcare model, I also seek to provide the tools and resources my patients need to achieve success. More...